The Grinders Cafe - Zayouna


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The Grinders Cafe - Zayouna By Loft company design and construction شركة لوفت الهندسية

The Grinders Cafe - Zayouna

Our services are meant for various commercial and residential projects. Our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to bring their creativity and expertise to the design of “The Grinders” Cafe in Zayouna, Baghdad. We created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the cafe by incorporating a brownish color palette and creating a space that is both professional and cozy. With its three floors, “The Grinders” is a big and ambitious project, but our team was able to deliver a design that truly captures the vision of our client. Our focus was on creating a space that is functional, yet comfortable and inviting for people wanting to take a break, and ones who want to get things done alike.